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The Arthropod Highway : In the fifth portfolio size is truly a matter of perspective. After dealing with the creations of man in the last portfolio, we now focus on the creations of nature. Specifically, we are looking at the outside world through the eyes of ants, spiders, and bees. What do we see? A miniature landscape with wild variety.

The highways and byways of the insect world, constructed out of a narrow vista of grass, pine needles, and fallen leaves: A flower petal may make an ideal landing pad for a grasshopper, while a spider builds a home between two leaves. These are the varied landscapes which abound if you look close enough. And if you do look close you might even notice an ant scurrying along a path.

Being susceptible to the extremes of weather, a moss covered tree may turn to ice during winter, with tiny icicles hanging down the branches. Or the previous vista of grass turn to undulating snow dunes reflecting the cold winter sun. And, because all things must pass, a dead tree may fall to reveal an intimidating array of wooden stalagmites.

Still, through it all, there is always the endless sky. When you look through the eyes of something whose height is measured in millimeters the word colossal takes on a new meaning.

- Colin Ptak

© Colin Ptak, 2004-2010