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The Art of Devotion : In this portfolio we celebrate beauty, devotion, and a particular vocation.

After a five year apprenticeship a craftsmen at Waterford Crystal becomes fully qualified in their field, whether it be crystal blowing, engraving, sculpting, or cutting. It will take a further three years to be considered a master. This eight year apprenticeship is a testament to the devotion, dedication, and concentration inherent in their craft, necessary in order to create at the standards demanded by Waterford.

For with Waterford there is no such thing as seconds. If a piece is found to be flawed, or a cut to be inaccurate, the piece is unceremoniously destroyed. The crystal will be reused, and the process will start anew.

These portraits show the skilled artisans keen eyes, strained hand muscles, and yet the apparent ease, even in a still photo, in which they gracefully mold, blow, cut, and engrave a piece to completion. It is an homage to both the master craftsmen, and the devotion that they represent. It is a profession that truly concerns itself with the finer details of their work. A craft which makes great demands on the craftsmen to live outside of themselves for an ideal.

- Colin Ptak

© Colin Ptak, 2004-2010