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Group Portraits: Silly Faces : This, the second portfolio to be featured at, is the spiritual successor to Koenji Awaodori. There are some shared themes, though the subject matter is different. We return to the world of silliness, now with a focus on individual and group portraiture. There is still a story of release, but, instead of being found through wild dancing, it is found through camaraderie. It is perhaps a more universal story, with the end of a long work day being enjoyed among friends, co-workers, or family with an evening drink.

Occasionally, the evening drinks steadily increase. It is at these moments, when inhibitions have been hindered and guards lowered, that these photographs have been born. The festivities continue as we amuse and perform for each other and, if we are lucky, the camera.

Please enjoy these silly faces, and remember that it is customary, while viewing the portfolio, to mimic your favorite pose in each photograph.

- Colin Ptak


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